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Whistles Aren't Weapons protest

This is not a weapon - this is a weapon

In July 2015 Canberra activist Chris Klootwijk was arrested for blowing a whistle during the ACT Government sanctioned kangaroo cull which hindered the annual shooting operation. Chris faces fines of up to $30,000 and up to two years in jail if found guilty because the ACT government is positioning the blowing of a whistle as a crime.

Along with the new Ag-gag laws such as the newly passed Biosecurity Act 2015 (NSW) and the most recently passed SA Ag-gag bill (‘Surveillance Devices Bill 2015’), the ACT government is determined, in its own way, to stop legitimate protest of its kangaroo culls or attempts to stop the killing. They are doing this by introducing changes to legislation which increases its powers over protests, for example, with huge increases to trespass fines, use of surveillance, or misusing its laws to silence protesters. They are also doing this in other ways such as forbidding protesters to raise their voices and forcing them to stand in silence.

Animal Liberation ACT held protests outside the ACT Magistrates Court on 24 February and 8 April to show support for Chris during his court case and to show activists won’t be silenced or stopped from protecting the animals of the ACT region.

Animal Liberation ACT's media release. 

Whistles rally 24 Feb 2016 IMG 8779

2016 stalls - UC O-Week & Multicultural Festival

2016 stalls - Uni of Canberra O-Week & the Multicultural Festival

Come and say hi to the volunteers at the Animal Liberation ACT stall at the University of Canberra's Market Day on Wednesday 10 February or at the Multicultural Festival on Sunday 14 February.

If you'd like to get involved at either of the market stalls then please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ANU o-week 2012


2015 ALACT/Vegan ACT Christmas Party

2015 ALACT/Vegan ACT Christmas Party 

Animal Liberation ACT and Vegan ACT are joining forces this festive season for an evening of compassionate merry-making at Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe.

Join us for a delicious 2-course vegan meal plus drink.

When: Friday 11 December 2015
Sweet Bones Bakery Cafe, Braddon ACT
Cost: $45 per person. Tickets essential
BYO: alcohol

Xmas dinner Vegan ACT and ALACT 2015


Escape The Race BBQ Picnic 2015

Escape The Race BBQ Picnic

Lots of animal lovers said Nup! to the Cup this year, with a cruelty-free BBQ hosted by Animal Liberation ACT.

There were no sweeps or race broadcasts, but great company and lots of yummy vegan food!

When: Tuesday 3 November 2015
Where: Glebe Park, Civic; at one of the BBQs in the park

Escape the Race 2015 IMG 7018 2


Rodeo protest, Bungendore NSW

Rodeo protest, Bungendore NSW

When: Sunday 1 November 2015
Corner Majara and Gibralta streets, Bungendore NSW

A hardy group of animal advocates rallied outside the Bungendore rodeo on Kings Highway.

The advocates' signs reminded rodeo attendees that animals are not toys, and that cruelty is not entertainment.

Many travellers honked in support.

Bungendore rodeo 2015 IMG 7003 2


Ban Live Export National Rally

Rally to ban live exports!

When: Saturday 17 October 2015
On the lawns near New Parliament House

It’s time for caring Australians to rally together for justice —
by demanding that live export offenders are prosecuted
and the whole industry shut down!

Live Export Rally 2015 Banner picture


Fundraising Dinner to say thank you to the kangaroo defenders

Fundraising Dinner
to say thank you to the kangaroo defenders

On 31 July 2015 the ACT government's annual kangaroo kill was supposed to end. Instead it finished early, and with fewer animals killed than the government had planned. To mark the lives saved, and the extraordinary efforts of activists who monitored the kill over the past few months and countless sleepless nights, Animal Liberation ACT hosted a 3-course banquet dinner at local vegan restaurant Kingsland.

There were fantastic prizes on offer as part of a silent auction. All proceeds will go to covering the costs involved in defending the kangaroos during the 3 month massacre.

Kangaroo photo for fundraiser


Demo for 'ghost population' of joeys killed by ACT government

Demonstration for 'ghost population' of joeys
killed by government


Animal Liberation ACT held a demonstration outside the Pinnacle Nature Reserve to raise awareness about the ‘ghost population’ of joeys killed as a consequence of the government's kangaroo culls. Each year the government obtains a licence to kill thousands of kangaroos, but does not take responsibility for the hundreds of joeys orphaned by the cull and left to die a slow death of starvation without access to their mothers' milk. The event included ‘glow in the dark’ kangaroos as a symbol of the ghost population of joeys killed due to the cull.

Our media release can be viewed by clicking here.

Lyndels ghostly photo

Photo by Lyndel Arnett


2015 Kangaroo Kill Outrage

Outrage at planned killing of 5,000 kangaroos
by ACT Government


ALACT is deeply saddened by the ACT Government’s decision to kill 5,000 healthy wild animals over the next 2 years. As well as sanctioning brutal and cruel treatment of the region’s native wildlife, the decision shows the Government has learnt nothing from last year’s hearing in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal. For the first time in a hearing about the kills the Tribunal accepted that huge numbers of young orphaned kangaroos escape the shooters only to die slow painful deaths due to starvation or predation.

This ‘ghost population’ of young animals is not included in the 5,000 kangaroos the Government has been licensed to kill. Also for the first time the Tribunal accepted that the administrative processes in ‘proving’ the case for the cull by the relevant government department were sub-standard and flawed. Presumably these same processes were repeated in the lead up to this year’s kill. And once again the government has failed to provide any evidence at all to show that these annual kills have led to tangible conservation benefits.

It is shameful that in the 21st century the government of the nation’s capital resorts to such barbaric treatment of our urban wildlife rather than deal with the real problem affecting the environment: urban growth.


ALACT fundraiser stalls

ALACT fundraiser stalls

Saturday 25 April and 2 May

Two big Animal Liberation ACT fundraising stalls were held at the soon-to-be-closed Gorman House Markets in Braddon. Thanks for coming and spending up big for the animals!  There were delicious vegan sweets at the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale stalls and a rare selection of top quality pre-loved & new DVDs, books, clothes & household items at the treasure-only 2nd hand stall.

Vegan Bake Sale 2014 IMG 0730



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