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Big Birds, Big Cruelty

Animal Liberation ACT has been running an awareness raising campaign called ‘Big Birds, Big Cruelty’ about the treatment of turkeys in Australia for over 3 years.

The Big Birds, Big Cruelty campaign aims to expose the treatment of turkeys in Australia. Three to five million turkeys are currently killed every year in Australia for meat – and this number is steadily growing.

The campaign has resources available for other organisations and activists to use to begin their own campaigns in their local area.

2011 saw the launch of the Big Birds, Big Cruelty campaign. After the campaign launch party various community education stalls were held locally and nationally.

A key component of the campaign was to assist other activists by providing resources and materials to enable them to go out and campaign about turkeys in their community. As a result various organisations across Australia have distributed the materials. The educational outreach and distribution of turkey materials followed an increase in awareness of the issue.

For more information on what the campaign is up to click here.

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 Factory Farmed Turkeys


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