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Bede - Vale

It is with inconsolable sadness that we at Animal Liberation ACT have learnt of the untimely passing of Bede Carmody, the human who ran A Poultry Place, the oldest animal sanctuary in our region.

Bede was an absolute inspiration to all of us at Animal Liberation ACT. He was always ready to help and guide, whether about big public campaigns against an entire animal industry, or about a single abandoned animal needing a home.

His devotion to all animals, those he directly cared for, and those he would never meet, was unrivalled. He ran his sanctuary for over 20 years, focussing on ‘poultry’ way before most of us had learnt to care about these unpopular animals. He was the inspiration behind ALACT’s award-winning ‘Big Birds, Big Cruelty’ campaign on factory-farmed turkeys, which helped raise awareness about the desperate plight of these incredibly complex and sensitive creatures. His dedication to veganism was so reassuringly solid, based on a powerful combination of compassion and intelligence. And above all else, he was kind – that most rare and precious of attributes.

His annual sanctuary birthday parties were definite highlights in the animal protection calendar, drawing people together from around the country. We would travel from near and far ostensibly to visit the animals, but really to hang out with Bede. His cheery eyes, that smile that would make you feel instantly happy, that wicked sense of humour – he was someone you just wanted to be around.

He has left a gaping hole in our animal rights community. We have lost a leader, a mentor, a legend – but most of all, a dear, dear friend.

Your legacy will live on in all of us Bede. You will not be forgotten.

Rest in peace, kind man.

ALACT is organising a fundraiser to help the animals from A Poultry Place settle in to their new homes.

You can donate here:


 In the days before the ACT's 9-week lockdown we tried out the newest vegan eatery in the Capital. We just got in in time :)

80/20 Food has expanded, opening a 'vegan chapter' in Belconnen.

When: Saturday 7 August 2021 from 10.30am

Where: 80/20 Food, 23 Lathlain St Belconnen

What else: Pooch friendly!

For more:

ALACT brunch - 80 20 Vegan Chapter


Animal advocates from around the country came to Canberra to protest the
ACT Government's annual kangaroo massacre.

Thank you for joining us as we try to
save the Bush Capital's kangaroos

2021 05 27 Kangaroo protest FB event

We met outside the ACT Legislative Assembly, Civic Square, Canberra City.

Thursday 27 May 2021, 12.30pm

For more, see the Facebook event here.


STOP THE CULL Evening Demonstration

Join the Animal Justice Party, Animal Liberation ACT and Animal Protectors Alliance to show your support against Canberra's annual kangaroo massacre.

Every year in the nation's Capital our defenceless Australian icon is senselessly gunned down at night for several months.

Meet at: Median Strip, London Circuit and Northbourne Ave, Canberra City.

Wednesday 12 May 2021, 5.30pm

For more, see:

Stop the Cull demo 2021



Thanks to everyone for coming to Animal Liberation ACT’s Annual General Meeting on
Saturday, 30 January 2021

We looked back at the year that was, and got inspired for the new one!



The ACT Government killed almost 2,000 local healthy wild kangaroos in Canberra's nature reserves from  Monday 16 June through to the end of July 2020. 

ALACT condemns this decision.

kangaroo and joeyThe drought and bushfires have impacted the kangaroo and other wildlife populations throughout Australia. The ACT Government’s reckless kangaroo slaughter not only sanctions significant acts of violence against an iconic and gentle native animal and its young, but also threatens the kangaroos ultimate survival in our so-called ‘bush capital’.

We need to hold the ACT Government accountable for validating the ongoing violence to kangaroos.

For more information on kangaroos in the ACT visit this website:

Direct action

We are seeking volunteers to assist with kangaroo direct action campaigns. Part of the direct action work requires small teams of people stationed outside the entrance of nature reserves observing, watching and listening for activity, typically with your car. This is extremely useful activity. It can detect whether shooting is taking place at your reserve. It also sends a simple but strong message that members of our community oppose the killing of kangaroos.

If you can spare any time please get in contact with us as we’d love to hear from you.

Please email:

We sponsored Canberra's Living Green Vegan Market!

Thanks for visiting our stall.

We featured pet food from Veganpet at
special market prices!

There were lots of new stalls and organisations!

When: Sunday 6 October 2019

Where: Albert Hall, Canberra

More information:

LGVM Will be back Oct 19

Thanks for coming to the

March 2CAS 2019


Duck killing season in Victoria

ACT rescuers joined in the rescue effort!

The Labor Government in Victoria announced that duck shooting would go ahead in 2019 despite drought conditions and record low wildlife numbers.

Shooting started weekend 16-17 March 2019.

Animal Liberation ACT members and supporters joined rescuers from around Australia to help rescue and protect wildlife from the shooters.


Duck Rescue 2019

We are rising together


The movie
The movement

Don't miss out! Catch a screening near you. Sign up.

For more information, see:

Dominion poster




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