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Thurs 25 Jan 2018, 6.30pm

Combined ALACT/Vegan ACT planning meeting - help set the agenda for 2018!

Free vegan refreshments

Griffin Centre
Level 2, room 9
20 Genge St, Civic


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Fundraising Dinner to say thank you to the kangaroo defenders

Fundraising Dinner
to say thank you to the kangaroo defenders

On 31 July 2015 the ACT government's annual kangaroo kill was supposed to end. Instead it finished early, and with fewer animals killed than the government had planned. To mark the lives saved, and the extraordinary efforts of activists who monitored the kill over the past few months and countless sleepless nights, Animal Liberation ACT hosted a 3-course banquet dinner at local vegan restaurant Kingsland.

There were fantastic prizes on offer as part of a silent auction. All proceeds will go to covering the costs involved in defending the kangaroos during the 3 month massacre.

Kangaroo photo for fundraiser



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