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Pig Factory Farming Rally

Pig Rally P1110864 2012 08 11 A rally was held in Garema Place on Saturday 11 August 2012 to show public support for the shutdown of Wally's Piggery, an intensive piggery 20 minutes from Canberra.

According to the Canberra Times, more than 250 people attended the rally to condemn the deplorable conditions in this nearby piggery. Read the full Canberra Times article here.

Following an investigation into Wally's Piggery, Animal Liberation ACT & NSW released footage and photographs revealing pigs and piglets living in horrific conditions and pigs being brutally slaughtered whilst fully conscious. Please visit Australian Pig Farming: The Inside Story to view the images and footage for yourself.

Animal Liberation ACT spokesperson, Jess Ferry, and MLA for the ACT Greens, Caroline Le Couteur, spoke at the rally. Signatures for the petition which asks the relevant authorities to shut the piggery down were also gathered. You can sign the online petition here.  The rally was also used as an opportunity to educate the public about what the pig industry is really like in Australia.

View more photos of the rally here.

Thank you to everyone who joined us to be a voice for these animals.











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