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About Us

Animal Liberation is an Australian animal rights organisation dedicated to ending all human activity that harms nonhuman animals and all anthropocentric and speciesist attitudes. As such, we act as a voice for the most exploited and vulnerable creatures on earth. Animal Liberation was founded in 1976 and now has branches in all states of Australia and many thousands of supporters.

Animal Liberation ACT is an incorporated association, managed by a committee elected each year by voting members of the association.

Animal Liberation ACT aims:

  • To end the exploitation of and to protect the interests of all animals, both introduced and native, whether living in a wild or captive state, used in agricultural or commercial production, kept as companion animals, used for recreation, sport, entertainment, exhibition, research or education, or any other purpose, or any combination of the above;
  • To abolish all human activity that harms the environment and/or individual animals and species who depend on it for their survival and wellbeing;
  • To abolish anthropocentric and speciesist attitudes;
  • To raise awareness of the impact of human activities on animals and the environment and to encourage a cruelty-free lifestyle;
  • To promote and support veganism.





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