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Circuses Are No Fun For Animals

Each year around April/May the Queanbeyan Council leases the Queanbeyan Showground to circuses that use animals in their shows.

There is now widespread acceptance in the general community that the exploitation of exotic animals for entertainment in circuses is archaic and unjust.  Over 40 local councils around Australia have banned animal circuses from performing on council land.  Circuses with exotic animals have been banned in the ACT for over 20 years but unfortunately they are still legal in many parts of NSW, including Queanbeyan. 

Animal Liberation hopes to change this by campaigning to have Queanbeyan Council ban circuses with animals. Click here to see ALACT’s media release.

On Tuesday 10 April 2012 Animal Liberation ACT President Lara Drew delivered a letter to the Queanbeyan Mayor Tim Overall asking why the council had leased its land to a circus that exploits animals when over 40 other municipalities have banned such circuses in Australia (including at least 14 councils in NSW).

Click here to read ALACT’s letter.

Protest at Stardust Circus QBN

If you would like to support our campiagn please write to or call the Queanbeyan council or mayor to register your concern about the circus' use of animals. If you live in Queanbeyan, please write to your local councillor.  Point out that many other councils in NSW have voted to ban circuses with wild animals from setting up on council land, and that Queanbeyan should follow their example.  The contact details of each councillor can be found on the council's website.

In 2012 ALACT held a demonstration to raise awareness about the unethical use of animals in circuses by Stardust Circus in Queanbeyan and also protested outside the circus at as many performances as possible.

Protest at Stardust Circus QBN

Click on the following links to see media articles about the circus and ALACT:

- The Queanbeyan Age, here and here
- The Chronicle

For more information on why circuses with animals are unethical click here.

Protest at Stardust Circus QBN

Circus protest 2011
Animal Liberation ACT's 2011 protest at the Queanbeyan Showground (T Ward 2011)

Circus protest 2010
Animal Liberation ACT protestors outside Queanbeyan's 2010 animal circus (T Ward 2010)



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