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Whistles Aren't Weapons protest

This is not a weapon - this is a weapon

In July 2015 Canberra activist Chris Klootwijk was arrested for blowing a whistle during the ACT Government sanctioned kangaroo cull which hindered the annual shooting operation. Chris faces fines of up to $30,000 and up to two years in jail if found guilty because the ACT government is positioning the blowing of a whistle as a crime.

Along with the new Ag-gag laws such as the newly passed Biosecurity Act 2015 (NSW) and the most recently passed SA Ag-gag bill (‘Surveillance Devices Bill 2015’), the ACT government is determined, in its own way, to stop legitimate protest of its kangaroo culls or attempts to stop the killing. They are doing this by introducing changes to legislation which increases its powers over protests, for example, with huge increases to trespass fines, use of surveillance, or misusing its laws to silence protesters. They are also doing this in other ways such as forbidding protesters to raise their voices and forcing them to stand in silence.

Animal Liberation ACT held protests outside the ACT Magistrates Court on 24 February and 8 April to show support for Chris during his court case and to show activists won’t be silenced or stopped from protecting the animals of the ACT region.

Animal Liberation ACT's media release. 

Whistles rally 24 Feb 2016 IMG 8779


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