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No love for animal circuses - Valentines Day protest

Circus protest 2013 IMG 1317On 14 February 2013 local residents and Animal Liberation ACT supporters protested against the use of animals by Stardust Circus when it kicked off its 2013 Queanbeyan season on Valentine's Day.

The ACT saw the light 21 years ago and banned the use of exotic animals in circuses.  Over 40 municipalities around Australia have also banned circuses with animals from setting up on council land.

If Stardust really wanted to show they loved their animals, they wouldn’t keep them in cages and they wouldn’t force them to do unnatural acts in completely artificial surroundings!

Click here for Animal Liberation ACT's media release.

Click here for more information about the inherent cruelty in keeping wild animals in cages and using them for entertainment.

Circus protest 2013 IMG 1293c


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