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Inaugural 'Escape the Race!' picnic

Escape the Race 2012 IMG 0805 ccCity workers - and anyone else who would otherwise have been subjected to thatrace - congregated in Glebe Park for a free vegan barbeque as part of Animal Liberation ACT's inaugural 'Escape the Race' event, held between 1-4pm on Tuesday 6 November 2012.

Animal Liberation ACT volunteers cooked vegan sausages, and local vegan bakery Veganarchy supplied free vegan cupcakes, as people dropped by during the afternoon to escape reminders of what is in reality one of the cruellest animal industries in Australia. 

For more on the serious animal welfare concerns associated with the horseracing industry, see here.


Rose-Of-Peace 1332077334 pIn memoriam Rose of Peace [leg broken during the fourth race on Cup Day 2012 then killed], and the thousands of other racehorses euthanised or slaughtered simply because they are no longer profitable.



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