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Stardust Circus Demos & Protests

In April-May 2012 Animal Liberation ACT protested outside the Stardust Circus on its opening night and the last three Sundays the circus was in town.

The protests followed a demonstration that ALACT held to raise awareness about the unethical use of animals in circuses by Stardust Circus in Queanbeyan.


During their 21 day stay in Queanbeyan the animals of the Stardust Circus, including lions, monkeys, horses and dogs, performed no fewer than 30 times.

There is now widespread acceptance in the general community that the exploitation of exotic animals for entertainment in circuses is archaic and unjust.


Circuses with exotic animals are banned in more than 40 municipalities around Australia.  Circuses with exotic animals have been banned in the ACT for over 20 years but unfortunately they are still legal in Queanbeyan.

Animal Liberation hopes to change this!  

Click here to find more out about our campaign.


Lions enjoying their natural, wild surrounds at the Stardust Circus, Queanbeyan, 2012...



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