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Introduced Animals

Non-native wild animals receive a great deal of bad publicity. They are commonly referred to as 'feral', 'pest' or 'vermin'. Introduced wild species include foxes, rabbits, cane toads, rats, and mice. Introduced domesticated species include cats, dogs, pigs, goats, horses, donkeys, camels, and carp. It is widely assumed that these animals have a negative impact on the Australian environment. Whether we like it or not, however, these animals have existed in the Australian environment for many years now which makes them very much a part of local ecosystems. Yet these animals are killed in horrific ways merely on account of their perceived status as 'feral' or 'vermin'. While the extremely cruel steel jaw trap is banned in the ACT under the Animal Welfare Act 1992, these animals are nonetheless hunted, trapped, and poisoned in an attempt to reduce their populations.

These destruction methods would be illegal if carried out on companion animals or native wild animals. And despite killing these sentient creatures in such horrific and painful ways, their numbers are thriving. Considering they do not even work in reducing population numbers, such cruel and unethical killing methods for introduced animals must be abandoned. For more information please visit the Animals Australia website.

If you like to use Canberra’s nature parks, you have no doubt seen signs such as these:




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