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Thousands of rabbits in Australia are raised in intensively confined conditions in tiny cages, live on wire meshed floors, and are slaughtered for their flesh and fur. These conditions are very similar to battery hen factories and the rabbits suffer as much as other factory farmed animals. Factory farmed rabbits never get to experience fresh air or the chance to run, jump, or dig. Instead they are kept under artificial lighting for up to 16 hours a day to encourage ongoing breeding. Artificial lighting is extremely cruel as it causes sleep deprivation which is a form of torture. Rabbits experience a range of other health problems such as ulcerated ankles (or ‘hocks’), broken toes, and extreme spinal damage from overcrowding conditions inside the cages. Such problems also perpetuate a range of bacterial infections.

Rabbit farming is legal in all States and Territories except for Queensland and the Northern Territory. While there is no rabbit factory farm in the ACT, there is a rabbit factory only an hour away in the small regional town of Bredbo, NSW.

For more information on rabbit factory farming in Australia see

rabbit farm

 Rabbits in an Australian factory farm. Photo from


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